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Scattering-based Apparatus for Portable Haematological Analysis via Optics

A 3D CAD of the Sappho-PDA device

M. Michailidou, A. Bantis, E. Gkagkanis, K. Karakostas (AUTH)

Purpose: Fabrication of a non-invasive optical medical device for blood analysis via Mie scattering

Description: This project presents the design, fabrication, calibration, testing of a non-invasive, portable, Mie scattering-based blood quality sensor. The aforementioned prototype device currently consists of a 1500×1-pixel photodiode array sensor, a 650 nm laser diode, and a novel case designed in order to easily facilitate various kinds of optical experiments. In addition, this project also presents the results of several in-vivo and in-vitro experiments, obtained using either the current device, or previous prototypes of the device.

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Acoustic Power Transfer

Fabrication and design of a piezoelectric acoustic sensor

D. Makarikas, I. Kochliaridis, V. Fountas (AUTH), G. Papanikolaou

Purpose: Studying acoustic power transfer arrangements for energy harvesting and sensors

There are several mechanisms for transferring acoustic power. For example, the frequency response of a speaker is measured using a relatively simple power transfer arrangement. Of course, there are more sophisticated and useful applications, such as cochlear implants. Acoustic power transfer arrangements may be simple or complex, as mechanical waves are transmitted through all materials. The transmission medium in sonar systems, for example, is water. This project presents the study and analysis of some acoustic power transfer arrangements.

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NFC Interfaces

Testing of an NFC circuit

A. Chatzimpaloglou, K. Kyriakou, G. Sidiras, Tz. Gkaripoglou

Purpose: Exploring the applications of NFC for personal or industrial use

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Water Sensors

Design of a fluid sensor apparatus

D. Demourtsev, V. Sidiropoulos (PhD), N. Mpaksevanos, S. Deligiannis, Z. Diamantis

Purpose: Fabrication and design of a fluid sensor apparatus


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Sensor Data Collections

Data visualisation

A. Trifonidis

Purpose: A system for automatic data collection and visualisation on a web page via Google Sheets.

Description: This project's configuration can automatically collect data from various sensors and visualise their output on a webpage

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